HR Certification Credit Information

GSHRM seeks HR recertification credit for its programs through SHRM and HRCI. It is highly recommended that recertification credit requests be submitted 8 weeks in advance of the program. To submit recertification credits for a program that has been vetted and approved by the Professional Development Committee, please complete and submit the below form. Once your information has been reviewed by SHRM and/or HRCI, you will be notified of the results. 

For individuals or groups that seek to propose a new program to GSHRM's Professional Development Committee (eg, have not received prior approval from the committee), please contact [email protected].

This form is for programs that have already been vetted and accepted for GSHRM by the Professional Development Committee. To submit a vetted GSHRM program for HR recertification credit (both HRCI and SHRM), complete this form.

SHRM recertification credit is based on the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK)

HRCI recertification credit is based on the PHR/SPHR Body of Knowledge. HRCI offers two types of credit: general and business. HRCI business recertification credit focuses on the responsibilities that are outside of the traditional HR function and continuing education in this area is intended to make the HR professional a stronger business partner or leader. For Business credits, the focus is on Functional Area 01: The Business Management and Strategy domain.