In-transition Members

GSHRM seeks to assist members that are seeking new or different employment in HR. We offer the following resources to members:

  1. GSHRM Job Mart - a listing of recent, local jobs in HR.
  2. GSHRM LinkedIn Group - join the LinkedIn Group and click the Jobs tab.
  3. HR Job Seeker Forum on our website (members only - you must log in to access).  All GSHRM members, including our staffing agency members, are asked to share any and all positions (HR positions only) that they become aware of on this site. There is no charge to post or ask a job search related question. To access the Forum, log in to with your member log in name and password, and click The HR Job Seeker Forum in any Quick Links menu.
  4. Access to the Employment Subcommittee - submit credentials and the GSHRM Employment Subcommittee will reach out to you regarding possible opportunities.
  5. If you are unemployed during the dues renewal period (Dec 1 through Jan 31 each year), GSHRM will waive your annual dues payment for the upcoming year.
  6. If you have questions, please contact [email protected].