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Work Readiness Guide, 2nd Edition Now Available

The Workforce Readiness Guide is a resource for businesses, educators, and individuals seeking employment. This guide provides educators with resources on how various career coaching/development programs can be organized and delivered to different groups of learners, including a breakdown of the different learning styles by age. This guide also caters to the job seeker, providing insights on how to write a resume, various interview tips and pointers including how to handle video interviews, group interviews, and other common interview formats.

This publication was compiled by the Greenville Society for Human Resource Management’s (GSHRM) Workforce Readiness Council. The Workforce Readiness Council was established in the fall of 2008 as a special committee of GSHRM with the vision of building a qualified workforce that can compete in a global economy. Made up entirely of volunteers who are working professionals, the mission and goal of the council is to prepare citizens to enter and compete in the job market by fostering collaborative relationships among community stakeholders, carrying the slogan “Shaping the Future.”

This is the second edition of the Workforce Readiness Guide and was updated in August of 2016. It is copyrighted to GSHRM.

Workforce Readiness Guide, 2nd Edition