Website Advertising Details

The Greenville SHRM Chapter website is a tool where GSHRM members log on to register for meetings and receive updates about the chapter and its members. The GSHRM website receives on average over 4,000 views monthly by over 1,300 unique visitors.

We have 3 different tiers of website advertising available that cater to the needs and objectives of your organization.


Tier 3 logo sample

Tier 3: Rotating Logo – 3 calendar month block. 5 open spots, 5-second exposure. $375 for 3 months, 150 pixel by 150 pixel, 96 dpi, JPG preferred.

Display your company’s logo on the home page of the GSHRM website. Your logo with a click-through link to your website will be displayed on the top of the right-hand panel of the website along with 4 other company logos. This is a great way to achieve brand recognition and visibility for your brand at an affordable price.

Side Banner Example

Tier 2: Static Side banner – Monthly availability. 1 open spot, static display. $300 per month, maximum of 3 consecutive months when paid up-front. 200 pixel (w) by 400 pixel (h), 96 dpi, JPG preferred.

The Static Side banner is a great way to publicize an event, product or promotion. The static display ensures maximum visibility from all visitors to the GSHRM website. The banner features a click-through link to your company website or link of your choice.


Banner example

Tier 1: Main Banner – Monthly availability. 2 open spots, 5 sec exposure. $500 per month, maximum of 3 consecutive months when paid up-front. 525 pixel (w) by 274 pixel (h), 96 dpi, JPG preferred.

Want your brand or event to be prominently viewed by all GSHRM members plus our website visitors?  The rotating main display will allow your marketing efforts to be seen by all. The main banner will have 4 rotating displays, with only 2 advertising spots. Your banner advertisement will include a click-through link to your website or link of your choice.


Many of the above advertising spots are now available, and a waiting list will be generated once the spots have been filled. Advertisers will have the option of selecting their desired months, subject to availability.

All advertisements have a have a maximum consecutive run time of 3 months per company, unless there is not a waiting list for that spot, allowing for a monthly renewal.

Reserve Your Space

Interested parties may submit a request along with their logo/display to GSHRM via our online request form or via email to

NOTE: Logo/display must be in JPG (preferred) or PNG format, at least 96 dpi resolution, and must be the appropriate size by Tier as shown above (pixel by pixel).

GSHRM reserves the right to refuse any displays and/or companies to be advertised on our website that would be inconsistent to the goals and mission of GSHRM.